A Very Angry Baby: An Anthology

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128 pages | 6 x 9 | ©2017

ISBN (pbk): 978-1-946724-00-7

Published May 2017

A Very Angry Baby

The Anthology

Edited by Nicola Mason

In its premiere publication, Acre Books presents an array of established and new poets and fiction writers to bring you . . . babies. These swaddled sacks of boy and girl are not your average infants, however. They are seething teethers, diapered devils, brawling bundles, newborns gone nuclear. Not all are human. Not all are small. Not all are even young. What they are, in a word, is angry.

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Praise for A Very Angry Baby

“I don’t want to say too much about the pieces in this book – they are all short, each with a different, often surprising take on the theme of parenting/caring, and I don’t want to spoil any of them for you. All I want to say is, this is a great read, on the train, by the pool, on a bench in the park, or while waiting with or without your offspring at the dentist’s … As I was reading, I caught myself several times thinking of all the people I’d love to share this book with – these stories with their unexpected humor, rawness, and humanity. Whenever I find myself wanting to share, that’s a sign (to me) that this is a good book.”
Annette C. Boehm

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