Selections from the Seagrave Museum, part 4

Selections from the Seagrave Museum is a collaboration between Acre Books and DAAP Galleries, based on Matthew Kirkpatrick’s The Ambrose J. and Vivian T. Seagrave Museum of 20th Century American Art, a “playful and compelling” (Kirkus) literary novel told through the fictitious labels accompanying the imaginary artworks in an invented museum. For the exhibition—which will run in the Reed Gallery on UC’s campus January 24 through March 29—real artists were assigned labels describing (or failing to describe) the fabricated works of fictional artists on display in the legendarily odd Seagrave Museum, whose curator is haunted by the ghost of one of the artists. Alongside the works of participating artists from across the globe will be the labels from the novel, which gradually unravel the tragedies and mysteries of the museum’s founding family. Selections from the Seagrave Museum is a cross-disciplinary show of great reach and range—complex, surprising, and transporting.

Today we present the truly-existing-in-corporeal-form artist Zanna Ferree, whose scratchboard works (3 included here from a total of 6 created for the exhibition) interpret fictional artist Viviana Van Weenen’s Instantly Identifiably Unrecognizable. For more works by the real artist, click here.

Weenen - Instantly Unrecognizably Identifiable
Instantly Unrecognizably Identifiable

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