Pivotal Pages / Celebrating Pride Through Queer Literature with Spider Love Song and Other Stories

All the Tiny Beauties

As we move past Pride Month, our celebration of queer literature continues. For this installment of Pivotal Pages, we feature “Louise” from Nancy Au’s Spider Love Song and Other Stories.

“Louise” follows May and her wife, Lai, two dissimilar yet fiercely devoted partners, as they consider parenthood over a single, surprisingly humorous day. Their encounter with a one-eyed, one-toed duck named Louise becomes a poignant metaphor for the beauty in imperfection and the power in unconditional love.

Excerpt from “Louise”:

Lai’s eyes widened with excitement at the sight of the injured duck. “I’m going to name her Louise,” she said. “She’s perfect.”

This touching story reflects the beauty and struggles of queer love and family, capturing the heart of Nancy Au’s debut collection. Spider Love Song and Other Stories presents characters whose inner and outer lives often do not align, navigating the challenges of identity, heritage, and the desire for connection. With a blend of humor and tender moments, each story in the collection offers a glimpse into the resilience and transformation of its characters.

Read the full excerpt of “Louise” and enjoy these pivotal pages!

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