GLOW Queer Literature Feature on Nancy Au

Nancy Au

This week, Acre author Nancy Au is profiled as part of Radar Productions’ GLOW Queer Literature series. She talks about language as agency, writing versus talking about writing, and finding inspiration in hybrid forms. You can check out a selection below and read the full interview here.

I write because if I didn’t, I’d feel invisible. I write because I love language, the way it feels in my mouth, tugs at my ear. I write because this form of expression challenges me every single time I sit down and attempt to do it. I write because language is agency. I write (and read) because stories help me to feel less alone.

Nancy Au’s full-length short fiction collection, Spider Love Song and Other Stories, is coming September 2019. Spider Love Song and Other Stories treads the fault line that forms between lovers, family, friends, and culture, exposing injuries and vulnerabilities, but also the strength and courage necessary to recast resentment and anger into wonder and power. Au’s lyrical style, humor, and tender attraction to her characters’ fancies and failings make this powerful debut a delight to read.

You can preorder the collection now on our site.

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