Design Flaw

Hugh Sheehy’s riveting new collection draws heavily from the genres of horror, mystery, science fiction, and myth.


Our Cancers

Poet and playwright Dan O'Brien chronicles the year and a half during which both he and his wife were treated for cancer.


Here Is a Game We Could Play

Surreal fantasies with hypothetical lovers, a missing father, and a debilitating fear of poison . . . meet Claudia, whose story unfolds in the dreamlike milieu of a Pennsylvania small town in the 1990s.


I, Grape; or The Case for Fiction

In these sparkling, erudite, and at times personal essays, acclaimed fiction writer Clarke examines the complex discipline to which he and other expert practitioners have devoted their lives and minds.


The Beforeland

Set in the Mojave Desert and the suburbs of Southern California, this revelatory novel moves swiftly among characters caught between the deprivations of the past and the mysteries of the future. With unflinching precision and stunning prose, Vallianatos unearths the vulnerability and volatility at our cores.


Persephone in the Late Anthropocene

Through lyric verse, magical-realist prose poems, and speculative crypto-studies of the Anthropocene, this ecopoetic collection explores both environmental crisis and the nature of story itself.