Here Is a Game We Could Play

Surreal fantasies with hypothetical lovers, a missing father, and a debilitating fear of poison . . . meet Claudia, whose story unfolds in the dreamlike milieu of a Pennsylvania small town in the 1990s.


The Beforeland

Set in the Mojave Desert and the suburbs of Southern California, this revelatory novel moves swiftly among characters caught between the deprivations of the past and the mysteries of the future. With unflinching precision and stunning prose, Vallianatos unearths the vulnerability and volatility at our cores.


Grace for Grace

These wildly imaginative stories present characters in search of meaning and belonging, and often, at the same time, redemption and revenge.


Big Familia

With wit, insight, and tenderness, this novel explores the complexities of desire, devotion, and the mysteries of the heart.


Every Human Love

Set seemingly in the quotidian, these stories veer into the unexpected, the uncomfortable, occasionally the eerie, thrusting characters in crisis into still greater quandaries.