Today is the day: receive a double dose of the finest, piping-hot Acre literary cuisine. Dig deep into the harrowing apocalyptic bricolage of Persephone in the Late Anthropocene, Megan Grumbling’s second poetry collection featuring “Farmers Almanac entries, pseudo-academic texts, monologues from Persephone and Demeter, and more,” and the haunting desolation of The Beforeland, the debut novel from Corinna Vallianatos that has been called “wise” and “miraculous.”

Also, join us tonight for the Persephone virtual launch event, co-hosted by SPACE and the Main Writers & Publishing Alliance, from 7–9 p.m. EDT. It will feature “the work of director Tess Van Horn; actors Catherine Buxton, Nolan Ellsworth, and Deborah Paley; filmmakers David Camlin and Amy Grumbling; musical director Aaron Pettengill, and musicians Volkhard Lindner, Benjamin Meiklejohn, Leigh-Ashley Milne, and Sam Schuth,” along with Grumbling herself.

Don’t forget about Ian Stansel’s fabulous fiction collection Glossary for the End of Days, released last month.