An Acre connection! Tomas Moniz (left) and Michael Downs (right) met up in Baltimore this week. Tomas Moniz and Michael Downs at a bookstore in Baltimore.

Tomas Moniz is the author of Big Familia, coming from Acre November 2019. Big Familia is a story of making family and making mistakes, of rending and of mending. As a Latinx queer father with a mixed-race daughter, Juan exemplifies the ways identity connects and divides us.

Michael Downs is the author of The Strange and True Tale of Horace Wells, Surgeon Dentist, out now from Acre. In this novel, Michael Downs mines the gaps in the historical record and imagines the motivations and mysteries behind Horace Wells’s morbid fascination with pain, as well as the price he and his wife, Elizabeth, paid—first through his obsession, then his addiction.

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