Lisa Ampleman

Danielle Cadena Deulen, who ably and beautifully launched Acre Books’s poetry series, is stepping down as Poetry Editor, and Lisa Ampleman is stepping up! For more about Lisa, check out the website: AND

And now for a departing note from Danielle:

Dear Readers,
I’m writing to announce that I am transitioning out of my position as Poetry Series Editor of Acre Books. It’s been amazing to work with such brilliant women (Nicola! Barbara!), and I’m honored to have been a part of publishing truly wonderful authors. My decision to leave comes entirely from external pressures in my personal life and career. Because of these pressures, I’ve found less and less time to devote to my work with the press, so I’m stepping aside to allow someone who will be able to continue this work with more energy. Specifically, Lisa Ampleman, poet extraordinaire and managing editor of The Cincinnati Review, will be taking over the poetry editorship. I know Lisa personally, so I can say with confidence that her passion, insight, and dedication to poetry will be a perfect match for Acre. I look forward to reading every book that she shepherds into the world.